CBCT Scan Benefits For Dental Implant Planning And Placement

Diagnostic imaging is a very important aspect of dental implant planning as it helps ensure predictable and safe treatment. CBCT scan is a revolutionary imaging technique that produces 3-D images of jawbone, teeth, and surrounding vital structures, thus improving the success of implant treatment. If you are planning to get dental implants soon, then here’s why you should choose a dental facility like Ridgetop Dental’s centre for dental implants in Reston VA, which offers CBCT technology to make dental implant treatment safer and more predictable.

Why CBCT scan is preferred for dental implant planning?

Better imaging procedure: CBCT innovation has now turned into a standard imaging method for all dental implant procedures. While, 2-D imaging techniques, like x-ray only show the height of the bone, CBCT scan, which is basically a 3D X-ray, shows the height, width, density and thickness of bone, making it a better choice for dental implant planning.

Ridgetop Dental’s expert dentists in Reston VA, always evaluate patients for good bone availability before starting dental implant treatment, with the help of CBCT technology and a visual exam.

Various benefits: Apart from that there are various other reasons of using CBCT for dental implant planning, like-low cost, relatively low radiation, and ease of use

Superior image quality: CBCT scan technology produces images of superior quality that have high diagnostic value. Also, it takes just 10 to 70 seconds to complete scans, so it helps provide fast and accurate diagnosis during placement of their dental implants.

Accurately assesses the number of implants required: It enables the dentists to correctly assess, the number of implants required, which helps in accurate estimation of implant cost.

The several benefits of CBCT technology make it a truly valuable tool in the field of implant dentistry.

Ridgetop Dental clinic is one of the few dental facilities that offer CBCT scan technology, which results in better outcomes. CBCT scan enables the dentists at Ridgetop Dental to do precise planning for dental implant placement, giving patients successful dental implant placement and results like never before!

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Bone Density Analysis By CBCT Scan For Successful Dental Implants

Cosmetic Dentist Northern Virginia

The success of a dental treatment depends on thorough assessment and correct diagnosis of a dental problem. To make the precise diagnosis, incorporation and proper utilization of appropriate diagnostic technologies is very important. From emergency dental care in Reston VA to dental implants treatment, advanced diagnostic tools have always helped dentists to make treatment safer and more effective. In this article by Ridgetop Dental, we are going to read about the benefits of bone density analysis using CBCT scan.

Why is it important to determine bone density before dental implant surgery?

Bone density is an important factor in determining the survival rate of an implant. It is very difficult to obtain proper implant anchorage in a bone that is not dense enough. Therefore, it is important to know bone density before implant treatment.

How does CBCT help during implant placement procedure?

Replacing your missing tooth/teeth with dental implants involves inserting an artificial tooth root or titanium screw into the bone. The artificial tooth root function exactly like your natural tooth root by providing support to your artificial teeth. During dental implant placement, CBCT scans allow dentists to locate vital structures like nerve canals, sinuses and the precise location of the teeth in your jaw; thus helping the dentists in correct treatment planning. CBCT scan increases the success of dental implants by allowing the precise planning and execution. CBCT scans also enable the creation of surgical guides for the implantologists to position the implants in the precise position in the jawbone. The experts at Ridgetop Dental use CBCT scans and sedation dentistry in Reston to make dental implant treatment a stress free and successful procedure.

Can CBCT help you?

It’s a question that your dentist can answer the best, based on evaluation of your unique situation and medical history. CBCT offers a safe, fast, reliable and non-invasive method of obtaining detailed information and performing surgical procedures with great precision. Ridgetop Dental’s centre for modern dentistry, which has always offered the best dental service, whether it is dental implants in Reston VA or invisalign, is proud to offer this state-of-the-art diagnostic service that makes dental procedures safer and more predictable.

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Advanced Periodontal Disease And Dental Implants As An Option

Periodontal diseases are common in people who do not practice good oral hygiene, but when the condition is ignored for a long time, people go on to develop more advanced periodontal disease that results in loss of supporting bone and eventual tooth loss. In this blog by Ridgetop Dental’s Reston dental centre, we will take a look at how advanced periodontal diseases develop and how can dental implants be helpful in such cases.

Signs and Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Identifying the first signs of periodontal diseases is very important to avoid advanced forms of periodontal diseases. Here are some warning signs, you much watch out for:

  • The gums appear reddened at the margins, swelling is visible and they bleed during brushing and flossing.
  • People often think that brushing too hard causes bleeding gums; however, gum bleeding is not normal and should never be ignored.
  • Bad breath and taste also point towards periodontal disease.

What are the signs of advanced periodontal disease?

If ignored for a long time, gum diseases can become quite serious and difficult to treat. Here are some signs of advanced periodontal disease:

  • Gum tissues begin to recede, exposing root surfaces which may cause your teeth to become sensitive to heat and pressure change.
  • Gum tissues may become loosely attached to the tooth causing pocket formation. The experts at Ridgetop Dental’s centre for dental implants in Reston VA can detect pocket formation by periodontal probing.
  • As pocket formation progresses, supporting bones may start losing their density.
  • As the disease advances further, pus pockets are formed, which cause pain, swelling and discharge from the gum tissues.

How can the dentists at Ridgetop Dental help?

Early periodontal disease can be detected by an expert during routine dental checkups. Depending on your diagnosis, your dentist may refer you to a periodontist. A periodontist will interact with your dentist to plan the treatment of your periodontal problems to achieve optimum oral health and the best results.

A dental implant, which is an artificial tooth root placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge, may be suggested by your dentist, if you have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease.

The key to avoiding serious dental problems is to regularly visit your trusted dentist. Ridgetop Dental is the preferred choice of people when it comes to best dental care in Reston VA. Whether you want invisalign in Reston VA, or the best dental implants, you get them all here under one roof.

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New Technology In Dental Implants: Teeth In A Same Day

Modern dental science offers people with lost teeth several options for tooth replacement. One of the most advanced and reliable techniques for tooth replacement is-dental implants. Dental implants are used to hold your replacement teeth or dentures in place and function totally like your real teeth. While dental implants have given patients the freedom to live life normally, newer procedure called-Teeth in same day allows patients to walk home with a confident smile, the very same day of the surgery. Let’s try to find out more about Teeth in same day procedure, with the help of this article by Ridgetop Dental-the leading centre for dental implants in Reston VA.

Teeth in same day-what is it?

Teeth in same day procedure enables dental implant specialists to replace a full set of teeth with a breakthrough dentistry solution. In this method, titanium implants are placed in a manner that they serve as anchors for entire dental bridge. Advanced dental science has refined and streamlined dental implant placement procedure, making it a quick visit with minimal discomfort.

Benefits of teeth in same day procedure

  • Aesthetic and functional improvement within the same day
  • Unlike dentures there is no fear of ripping them offwhile eating harder foods.
  • Secured and fixed teeth in just one day.
  • Cost effective.
  • Shorter treatment time.

Why get Teeth in same day from Ridgetop Dental?

If you lost your teeth, or want to eliminate problems caused by your uncomfortable dentures, then Teeth in same day is the ideal dental implants treatment for your needs, suggest Ridgetop Dental’s expert dentists in Reston VA. The implant specialists at Ridgetop Dental have successfully performed many dental implants placement surgeries in the past few years, making them one of the best names to trust for dental implants.

Normal life activities, such as eating, smiling, and speaking – can suddenly become very challenging when you have lost your teeth. Dental implants provide effective solutions for missing teeth problems, allowing patients to live a normal and comfortable life like before. Ridgetop Dental’s teeth in same day dental implants in Centreville VA provide patients with missing teeth problems with a long lasting smile that they can immediately enjoy within the same day!

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