Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are metal posts 1434054414similar to tooth roots that are surgically placed into the jawbone beneath the gum line. The dentists use dental implants to place prosthetic teeth, dentures or bridges to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are usually made out of biocompatible Titanium that has the ability to integrate with the bone because of the process of osseointegration.

The implants are placed in the gum line and a temporary cap is placed that looks and functions like real teeth. After a few months, when the implant has integrated with the root, permanent prosthetic teeth, dentures or bridges are fixed by the dentists. These teeth look natural and are considerably strong because of the implants. Fixed Dentures placed over implants are much more comfortable, strong, and long-lasting than removable dentures.

The benefits you can get on dental implants in Reston, Virginia.

Improve appearance: Gone are the days of unsightly crowns and tooth caps, the prosthetic teeth fixed on dental implants look exactly like natural teeth.

Higher Comfort: People who had lost most or all of their teeth were afraid of dentures. Dentures used to be uncomfortable for many months and had to be cleaned regularly after removing them from the mouth. Dentures on implants can be maintained like normal teeth since they do not move around or slip off while chewing or brushing.

Easier Eating: It is easier to chew comfortably with teeth fixed on dental implants. The implants essentially function as the root of the tooth or denture because of which the prosthetic teeth can act like normal teeth for chewing, etc.

Improved Speech: Removable dentures are not comfortable and it may take months to get used to them. They can also slip around if they are not fitted properly to the gums. This makes it difficult to chew or speak properly. The bone loss in the jaw area and empty gum line also hinders proper pronunciation. The best dentists in Northern Virginiaeradicate this problem with dental implants and help improve the speech of a person.

Long-lasting: Dentures and standalone prosthetic teeth positioned on the dental implants function like normal teeth. They are fixed in place and can be cleaned exactly like natural teeth. This elongates the life of the dental implants. The biocompatible Titanium used in the process makes the prosthetic teeth strong and long-lasting.


Tips to find the best dentist in Northern Virginia

Whether you need to enhance your smile using cosmetic dentistry or want to get root canal treatment done, choosing the right dentist is very important. A good dentist will not just help you achieve the best results, but will also make the treatment more comfortable for you. While there are no fixed rules for finding a good dentist but your chances of finding a good dentist definitely get better when you know what to look for and what questions to ask. Here are some tips to find the best dentist in Northern Virginia, brought to you by Ridgetop Dental.

cover.JPGGet recommendations

One of the best ways of finding a good dentist is by asking the people you trust, like- family, friends, co-workers for recommendations. People pleased with the work of their dentist will be happy to share their thoughts with you. You can even ask your pharmacist for recommendations. If you are moving to a new location, your current dentist can be the best person to refer you to a good dentist in your new area.

Search online

In this age of technology, finding a good dentist is as easy as few simple clicks of the mouse. One of the best things about finding dentists online is that you can read reviews of the previous customers that can serve as your guide for finding the right dentist. When you find a good dentist online, you can start by simply visiting the dental facility and asking about general oral health care. The way a dentist talks to his patients and explains things to them speaks a lot about their level of professionalism.

Never use price as the only criterion for selecting a dentist

Never select a dentist only on the basis of price. Consider their experience, certifications, the level of client care, and understanding of modern dental procedures also before you choose your dentist in Reston VA. You would not want to risk your oral health to save a few bucks. Also, beware of excessive advertising and exaggerated promises. Do your research and always ask the people you trust for recommendations.

Finding a good dentist may seem daunting at first, but the more efforts you put in, the better your experience will be. One dental facility you can always trust for the best dental care in Northern Virginia is Ridgetop Dental. The leading dental facility provides a complete range of dental services to ensure complete dental care for your entire family.

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CBCT Scan Benefits For Dental Implant Planning And Placement

Diagnostic imaging is a very important aspect of dental implant planning as it helps ensure predictable and safe treatment. CBCT scan is a revolutionary imaging technique that produces 3-D images of jawbone, teeth, and surrounding vital structures, thus improving the success of implant treatment. If you are planning to get dental implants soon, then here’s why you should choose a dental facility like Ridgetop Dental’s centre for dental implants in Reston VA, which offers CBCT technology to make dental implant treatment safer and more predictable.

Why CBCT scan is preferred for dental implant planning?

Better imaging procedure: CBCT innovation has now turned into a standard imaging method for all dental implant procedures. While, 2-D imaging techniques, like x-ray only show the height of the bone, CBCT scan, which is basically a 3D X-ray, shows the height, width, density and thickness of bone, making it a better choice for dental implant planning.

Ridgetop Dental’s expert dentists in Reston VA, always evaluate patients for good bone availability before starting dental implant treatment, with the help of CBCT technology and a visual exam.

Various benefits: Apart from that there are various other reasons of using CBCT for dental implant planning, like-low cost, relatively low radiation, and ease of use

Superior image quality: CBCT scan technology produces images of superior quality that have high diagnostic value. Also, it takes just 10 to 70 seconds to complete scans, so it helps provide fast and accurate diagnosis during placement of their dental implants.

Accurately assesses the number of implants required: It enables the dentists to correctly assess, the number of implants required, which helps in accurate estimation of implant cost.

The several benefits of CBCT technology make it a truly valuable tool in the field of implant dentistry.

Ridgetop Dental clinic is one of the few dental facilities that offer CBCT scan technology, which results in better outcomes. CBCT scan enables the dentists at Ridgetop Dental to do precise planning for dental implant placement, giving patients successful dental implant placement and results like never before!

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Sedation And One Visit Dentistry

If you feel petrified at the thought of visiting a dentist and the sound of a drill send shivers down your spine, then you are not alone! There are many people, including both kids and adults, who avoid going to the dentist each year due to dental phobia. Thankfully, sedation dentistry offers a solution. Sedation dentistry in Reston, offered by Ridgetop Dental helps patients curb their dental anxiety and the dentists to complete the procedure in less time, sometimes even in single visit. Let’s read more about Sedation and one visit dentistry, brought to you by Ridgetop Dental.

What is sedation dentistry?

In sedation dentistry, an anxious patient is given one of several forms of sedation prior to or during a procedure. If you experience dental anxiety, have low pain tolerance, or experience gag reflex, you can talk to the experts at Ridgetop Dental about sedation dentistry in Northern VA. With sedation dentistry, you can reduce stress and fear, while also reducing the brain’s ability to recognize discomfort.

Makes dentists’ job a lot easier

Sedation dentistry can be used for all the dental procedures, from dental cleanings to dental implants. Sedation dentistry makes dental treatments much easier for the dentists to perform. Multiple treatments or complex procedures that would normally take several visits can now be completed in a single appointment.

What Types of Sedation Are Available?

One of the best advantages of sedation dentistry is that the dentists can perform multiple procedures in single visit. Patients can rest comfortably for many hours at a stretch, undergoing several short treatments or one long one. With sedation dentistry, many retain no memory of the experience. With these results, patients with previously crippling dental anxiety can now keep their teeth healthy without any fear or anxiety.

Technology to make your dental visits shorter

Apart from sedation dentistry, the dentists at Ridgetop Dental also offer the latest dental treatment facilities using high-resolution 3-Dimensional CT scans and virtual planning software. The procedure is mapped out and planned in lab. Your dental implant will heal with the dental crown attached, and you can go on with your life as usual, immediately after your implant is placed.

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How To Fix Uneven Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry?

Not everybody is born with a perfect smile. Uneven smile is a problem many people struggle with, but most of them don’t try to fix it due to the fear of long dental procedures and lack of time. Fortunately, modern cosmetic dentistry offers several effective options that can correct crooked or misaligned teeth in a few appointments. The method for correcting uneven teeth, however greatly depends on the degree of misalignment and affordability. Let’s take a look at some of the best cosmetic dentistry procedures used by Ridgetop Dental’s cosmetic dentist in Reston, to make the process of teeth correction faster and easier than ever before.


Braces mainly consist of ceramic or metal brackets that are fixed in front of the teeth. In due course, the wire shifts the teeth in place, moving your teeth in the desired position. You need to visit your dentist regularly (once a month) to get the wire tightened. Ceramic braces are mostly preferred by people because they are hardly noticeable as they amalgamate with the natural colour of the teeth. Another option which is becoming quite popular with peoples these day is-Invisalign clear aligners. These are removable, custom-made aligners, made of clear plastic that move your teeth in the desired position in a comfortable manner. However, this procedure may not work well in severe cases


A dental veneer is a thin porcelain shell that is placed on the front surface of a tooth. Dental veneers can be used to improve the colour, size and shape of patient’s teeth. In certain situations, veneers can also be used to close gaps between teeth and make them appear straighter.


Another very good option available to the people with uneven teeth is dental bonding, assert Ridgetop Dental’s expert at their centre for cosmetic dentistry in Fairfax VA. Bonding is a conservative way to repair slightly discoloured, chipped or crooked teeth. During this procedure, a white filling is placed onto your tooth to improve its appearance.


Is cosmetic dentistry the right choice for you? It greatly depends on the severity of your case. Talk to Ridgetop Dental’s experienced cosmetic dentist in Northern Virginia to know the options available to you and choose the right method to choose your need and lifestyle.

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PRF Growth Factors Benefits For Dental Implants

Dental implant technology has come a long way since it was first used in the field of dentistry. Several researches are conducted every year to improve patient outcomes; one such breakthrough technology is using PRF in implant surgery to accelerate the body’s own healing process. Let’s try to find out more how PRF has revolutionized dental implant placement procedures in this article by Ridgetop Dental-the leading center for dental implants in Vienna VA.

What is PRF?

PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin, which is rich in platelets and leukocytes, are second-generation source of growth factors. They are found in our blood and help the body to heal when there is damage to bone or tissue.

How is PRF obtained?

PRF is obtained by centrifugation of patient blood in tubes without additives. PRF is the final product which contains only fibrin of blood obtained from the patient’s blood.

How is PRF used in implant dentistry?

There are several ways to use PRF, depending on the procedure being done. In dental implant placement surgeries they facilitate faster healing. Normal dental implant placement procedure can take several months to complete. The use of PRF can greatly reduce this time, from months to weeks.

PRF is placed directly on to the implant site, after tooth extraction. It stimulates the healing of bone and tissue at the site, which is necessary for a good outcome.

Apart from that they can also be used in ridge bone grafting and sinus bone grafting procedures to increase the quality of grafted bone. If you are planning to get dental implants in Fairfax VA then talk to the expert dentists at Ridgetop Dental for a thorough assessment or to know your options.

Who can benefit the most from this procedure?

Older patients and patients who have decreased bone regeneration can achieve maximum benefits from the procedure.

PRF is a safe method because it is obtained from the patient’s blood.

Modern dental facilities like Ridgetop Dental’s centre for implant and cosmetic dentistry in Vienna VA routinely use advanced technologies in their offices to deliver the best results to the patients and help them achieve their lost smile and self confidence.

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Dental Implant Infections-Some Expert Tips To Avoid Them

Dental implants are the best solution for replacement of missing teeth. Although the risks after dental implant surgery are minimal, they sometimes happen, as they do with any medical treatment procedure. The experts at Ridgetop Dental-the best Reston dental center believe that although, risks exist; they can be easily avoided with some education and the right after care. Here are some good ways to avoid infection after dental implant surgery.

Choose your dentist with care

Dental implant infections occur if proper care is not exercised before, during and after the surgery. Sp, avoid dental surgeons who are not experienced enough. Always go with experienced dentists like Ridgetop Dental’s cosmetic dentist in Northern Virginia, who are highly experienced and maintain high levels of safety and hygiene at all stages of treatment.

Choose good quality dental implants

The quality of dental implants differs and it can impact the fit of your dental implants. Implants of lesser quality may not fit properly, allowing bacteria to enter and cause infection. So, make sure the dentist you choose is using the best quality dental implants.

Follow your dentist’s advice and instructions properly

After surgery, your dentist will provide you with detailed post-op care instructions. Following those instructions religiously is essential for proper healing and success of your dental implant surgery. Your dentist may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. If you have been prescribed antibiotics, remember to complete the full course and take antibiotics on time to avoid any occurrence of infection.

Avoid smoking

If you smoke, the first thing to do to avoid infection is to quit smoking. Even, better if you permanently quit smoking, this will prolong the life of your dental implants and improve the quality of your overall oral health. Smoking will only lead to failure of your implants and cause harm to your healthy teeth as well.

Infections and other risks are pretty easy to avoid if proper instructions are followed. To know more about dental implant surgery and how one can avoid post-operative infections, schedule an appointment with Ridgetop Dental’s restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Fairfax VA today.

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