Dental Implants For Patients With Severe Bone Loss

Dental implant technology is a revolutionary technology, which has benefitted many patients over the years and has given them new confidence to live their lives. While, almost everyone can enjoy natural looking smile with dental implants, patients with severe bone loss may face some problem. However, with the latest technologies, dental implants can have a successful outcome for patients, even with severe bone loss. Here’s an article by Ridgetop Dental’s best dentists in Northern VA that will help you understand what options available to you.

Implant placement using CBCTCosmetic Dentist Reston

With computer imaging and CBCT scan Ridgetop Dental’s restorative and cosmetic dentists in Northern Virginia can map out the bone quantity and quality to see where they can place dental implants using “Guided Technology” and “A Graftless Solution”. This technology allows patients to have extractions, and fixed permanent teeth the same day. This technique is called Teeth-In-Same-Day that need to be performed by well-trained surgeons, like Ridgetop Dental’s expert surgeons in Northern Virginia.

Bone Grafting

A piece of bone is taken from a number of sources such as the tibia, hip, chin and posterior regions of the lower jaw, which is secured as ‘onlay graft’ to the deficient area. He bone which is placed in the deficient area, gradually becomes a part of that area and dental implant can be comfortably placed on it.

Other modern techniques used

Other techniques include-bone grafting using Platelet Rich Plasma (It uses growth factors from the patient’s own blood), rhBMP (bone morphogenic protein), harvesting patient’s own natural bone or grafting using cadaveric bone and substitutes.

In this age of modern technology, bone loss should not stop you from enjoying the benefits of dental implants. Visit Ridgetop Dental today, to map out your bone density using the revolutionary CBCT scan. If you are diagnosed with less bone density, you can still enjoy the benefits of implant supported dentures in Northern Virginia by opting for Teeth-in-Same-Day or bone grafting procedures.

To know your options, schedule an appointment with Ridgetop Dental’s expert cosmetic dentists in Northern Virginia today, by either calling them on their designated phone numbers, or by simply visiting-


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